He is Pleased with Our Little Graces

How much better is thy love than wine! and the smell of thine ointments than all spices! – Song of Songs 4:10

Saith Jesus, “Your love is My wine, your virtues are My sweet smelling ointments.” For now you have a little faith, but oh, how little it is. You seem to have got just faith enough to know how unbelieving you are; you have got love, but somehow you have only got love enough to let you know how little you love Him. You have some humility, but you have only enough humility to discover you are very proud: you have some zeal for Christ, but you have only zeal enough to make you chide yourself that you are so cold; you have some hope, but you have only hope enough to lead you to see how despairing and desponding you often are; you have some patience, but you have only patience enough to teach you how often you murmur when you ought not. “I confess,” say you, “that all my graces are a stench in my own nostrils, and all the good things I trust I have, I cannot look upon them with any pride or self-congratulation. I must bury myself in dust and ashes; and even those things, I can but weep over them, for they are so marred by my own evil nature.” O Jesus, this is condescension indeed, to be pleased with such poor things as we have! Oh this is love, it proves Thy love to us, that Thou canst make so much out of little, and esteem so highly that which is of such little worth! ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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