He is Reality Itself

For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. – Luke 19:10

If the Christian religion were supposed to be an invention, the existence of the narrative of the life of Jesus would be more wonderful than the facts themselves. The conception of a perfect character requires a perfect mind, and a perfect mind would never have prepared a fiction and imposed it upon men as a veritable history. If the life of Jesus be a fable, then a perfect being has deceived us; and this it is not possible for us to imagine. The life of Jesus Christ is great throughout. It is so tender and so gentle that it is never little and mean: it is so unselfish that it never ceases to be majestic; it is so condescending that it is pre-eminently sublime. Above all, it is full of truth, transparent, artless, natural. No one ever thought of Jesus as acting a part yet; He is reality itself. He is so simple, so unaffected, so truly the holy child Jesus, that in this He is great above all. Never was a man so wholly seen as the Christ; and yet never was man so little understood…it is Himself that is so great-I mean His soul, His spirit, the man Himself.

Consider the Lord Jesus, and it does not matter where you view Him: in the wilderness He is grandly victorious over temptation, in the crowd He is greatly wise in answering those who would entrap Him. Behold Him in His agony in the Garden; was there ever such an Agoniser? Behold Him as the crucified; did ever a cross hold such a sufferer? When Jesus is least He is greatest, and when He is in the direst darkness His brightness is best revealed. In death He destroys death; in the grave He bursts the sepulcher. “Consider how great this Man was”: the field of His life is ample; do not be slow to investigate it. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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