The Source of Our Wisdom and Strength

…for thou hast a little strength… – Revelation 3:8

It is a wise thing for you that have but little strength, to keep God’s Word. The feebler you are the more closely should you keep to the Scriptures. Remember what Solomon says,-“The conies are a feeble folk,” but he puts them down as wise people, for they have their habitation in the rocks. If a disputer can once get you away from the Bible, he can swallow you alive; but if you will keep to Scripture, and handle this weapon, “It is written; it is written,” the disputer may be the arch-fiend himself, but he cannot possibly get the victory over you. Your wisdom is not to try to gain keenness of mind that you may emulate the critic, but to lay hold upon God’s Word, and cling to it, for therein shall be your safety and your victory.

Dear friends, we ought to hold fast to the truth of God, because, if we have little strength, it is there that we shall get more strength. We shall never grow stronger by leaving the eternal Word. Nay, but as we cling to God in feebleness, the divine strength of the Word is infused into our souls. Besides, God’s Word is a supporting thing, and he who quits it leaves his chief helper. He that receives it shall live, but without it there is no spiritual life. Therefore let us hold it…The Word that cometh out of Christ’s mouth is the daily manna of our heavenly life, and it behoves every Christian, however feeble or however strong, to keep the Word of God with all his might against all comers, since it is his life…My Lord will revive His buried truth as sure as He is God: the present madness will cease with its own short hour. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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