Let Us Keep God’s Word

…for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept My word. – Revelation 3:8

Possibly you have not much strength as to influence: your sphere may be very narrow, and your power in it very slight. That does not matter; but it does matter that you be faithful to your Lord. If you have kept God’s word you may be wielding an influence far beyond what you imagine. Good men in the dark days of Popery found out the truth, but they only lived, perhaps, in some quiet village, or shut up in a monastery, and the most they could do was to write down what they knew and so keep it. We have met with instances where they wrote out part of the Word of God, and hid it away in a wall; and afterwards, when the wall was pulled down, the priceless record was discovered and used. Truth does not die through being buried. Some taught the gospel very quietly in their own family circle, and so kept it. Some would get a few copies of the New Testament, and go about and sell them in their baskets; and so they kept the truth. Those men of old time whose influence upon their own age seemed so little, nevertheless prepared the way for those braver spirits who, by-and-by, shone forth like the stars of the morning. Hold fast God’s word and never mind what comes of it for the moment; God’s seed may not grow in a day, but it will grow. If you only influence one child, who can tell what that child may be? If you only help to strengthen one solitary Christian woman, who knows what may come to pass by her means? We see the telegraph wires, but we do not see what messages they may carry. The ropes hang down in our belfry, but the glorious chime is aloft. We cannot see the big bells, but it is ours to pull the ropes that are near our hand, and do what God bids us to do, and music will come of it somewhere. Above all, if we have but little strength of any kind, let us keep God’s word. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


4 thoughts on “Let Us Keep God’s Word

  1. Wonderful message that as we may not think we are making a difference God is seeing to it His word we speak does not return to Him void. We may not see the big picture, but by faith we know God will always bring it to pass. God Bless your Day Sherry!

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    • I knew a young man who used to post here who had the evangelism zeal. But he would get so discouraged because he saw nothing of results. Sometimes God doesn’t want us to know our impact on others to keep us humble.

      I’m still praying for your brother!
      May God bless your day, too, sis!

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      • I agree Sherry there are things God moves us oftentimes in the Spirit for another we are not even aware of, but He alone knows it will bring forth glory to His name. My eyes welled up when I read you are still praying for my brother, and I too have been praying for yours as well. Just today I asked our Father to soften the hearts of our brothers to come to the knowledge of the truth of the word. Thank you Dear Sister in Christ for praying as you said you would. Stay strong in your walk.

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