Courage, Brethren

Until the day break, and the shadows flee away… – Song of Songs 2:17

Men who have been shipwrecked will give each other a hand, and say, “Brother, mayhap we shall escape after all.” Now that it is midnight all around, let every Christian give his fellow-soldier a grip of his hand. Courage, brothers; the Lord has not forgotten us. We are in the dark, and cannot see Him; but He can see us, and He knows all about us, and maybe He will come, walking on the stormy waters in the middle watch of the night when our little bark seems ready to be sunk beneath the waves by the boisterous wind… “Come, brothers, let us cheer up. The Lord hath appeared to one and another of us. He hath given to some of us the light of His countenance, and He is coming back to welcome us all unto Himself. Let us not be dismayed; our glorious Leader forgets not the weakest and feeblest of us, neither is any part of the battlefield beyond the reach of the great Captain’s eye. He sees which way the struggle is going, and He has innumerable reserves, which He will bring up at the right time. I seem to hear the music of His horse’s hoofs even now. He is coming who shall turn the scale in the worst moment of the conflict, for the battle is the Lord’s, and He will deliver the enemy into our hand. Let no man’s heart fail him because of yonder Goliath; the God who has raised up men to slay the lion and the bear, will yet find a David and a smooth stone to kill this mighty giant. Wherefore, brothers, be of good courage.”

One of the best things to do in the dark is to stand still and keep our place. “Until the day break and the shadows flee away,” let us keep our place, and firmly maintain our position… It is dark, very dark, so we just stop where we are, in steadfast confidence in the Lord who has placed us where we are. We are not going to plunge on in a reckless manner, we mean to look before we leap; and as it is too dark to look, we will not leap, but will just abide here hard by the cross, battling with every adversary of the truth as long as we have a right hand to move in the name of the Almighty God, “until the day break, and the shadows flee away.” ~ C.H.Spurgeon

3 thoughts on “Courage, Brethren

    • Love you, too, sis! ❤

      (Favorite chapter of the Book, A Workman Not Ashamed, was, The Witness of the Martyrs. So needed for this day we are living in. It gave me encouragement and strength, praises be to God and His showers of grace on us. \o/)

      Have a blessed day, Maria, amen! \o/

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