The Little Bird Still Sings at the Window

Is not the LORD your God with you? – 1 Chronicles 22:18

The Lord has proved His presence with us by preserving us in the hour of temptation. Some of you who have been lately converted to God have had very fierce temptations since then. In this wicked city, our young people-yet I do not know that I need say our young people alone-have been exposed to a furnace of temptation which has been seven times heated. The days in which we live are grievous to the last degree; and if the Lord had not been with us, our soul would not have escaped like a bird out of the snare of the fowler. Often our feet have well nigh slipped, and we should have fallen if the Lord had not been with us to preserve us. “Is not the Lord your God with you” when you have been kept alive with death so near? Assuredly, He is.

Some of you also know that the Lord is with you because you have been so greatly comforted in time of trouble. A sister said to me, the other day, “I could not have thought that I could have lived through the bereavements I have lately endured. When I used to think of the possibility of my husband’s death, it seemed to me that I must die with him.” Yet she is not dead; and she does not despair; though she had to endure that bereavement, and another as well, she said, “Oh, how good God was to me to sustain me as He did!” “Is not the Lord your God with you?” I know some dear friends who have experienced very great temporal trouble through heavy losses in these trying times; yet they are as happy as when they had ten times as much. The little bird still sings at the window, the blue sky hovers overhead, and the heart’s-ease still grows in their garden, and they love it well. Yes, dear friends, the comforts that God gives us in times of deep trouble are a sufficient proof that He is with us. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

2 thoughts on “The Little Bird Still Sings at the Window

  1. This writing reminded me of a wonderful book called “I know why the caged bird sings” By Maya Angelo….. A very good book. Without God in our life the waters overtake us and we lose hope. Another very good read. God Bless You Sherry.

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