The Perfume of Christ

I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. – Song of Songs 2:1

To the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life. – 2 Corinthians 2:16

A man passes by a rose-bush, and says, “I cannot stop to think about roses,” but as he goes along he exclaims, “Dear, dear, what a delicious perfume!” A man journeying in the East goes through a field that is full of lilies; he is in a great hurry, but, for all that, he cannot help seeing and smelling the lilies as he rushes through the field. And, do you know, the perfume of Christ has life in it? He is “a savor of life unto life.” What does that mean but that the smell of Him will save? Ah! if you do but glance at Him, though you were so busy that you could not come in till the sermon had begun, yet a glance at this Lily will bring you joy and peace, for He is so free that, often, even when men are not asking for Him, He comes to them. “What?” say you, “is it so?” Yes, that it is; such is the freeness of Christ’s grace that it is written, “I am found of them that sought Me not.” He sends His sweet perfume into nostrils that never sniffed after it. He puts Himself in the way of eyes that never looked for Him. How I wish that some man who has never sought for Christ, might find Him even now! You remember the story that Christ tells of the man that was ploughing the field; he was only thinking of the field, and how much corn it would take to sow it; and he was ploughing up and down, when suddenly, his plowshare hit upon something hard. He stopped the oxen, and took his spade, and dug, and there was an old crock, and it was full of gold. Somebody had hidden it away, and left it. This man had never looked for it, for he did not even know it was there, but he had stumbled on it, as men say, by accident. What did he do? He did not tell anybody, but he went off to the man who was the owner of the field, and he said, “What will you take for that field?” “Can you buy it?” “Yes, I want it, what will you take for it?” The price was so high that he had to sell the house he lived in, and his oxen, and his very clothes off his back; but he did not care about that, he bought the field, and he bought the treasure, and then he was able to buy back his clothes, his house, and his oxen, and everything else. If you find Christ, and if you have to sell the coat off your back in order to get Him, if you have to give up everything you have that you may find Him, you will have such a treasure in Him that, for the joy of finding Him, you would count all the riches of Egypt to be less than nothing and vanity; but you need not sell the coat off your back, Christ is to be had for nothing, only you must give Him yourself. If He gives Himself to you, and He becomes your Savior, you must give yourself to Him, and become His servant. Trust Him, I beseech you, the Lord help you so to do, for Jesus’ sake! Amen. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

2 thoughts on “The Perfume of Christ

  1. BEAUTIFUL writing as always by Spurgeon. Finding Christ is more than worth leaving any fleshly pull this life has or any material thing so many seek after. He is worth it! Loved reading this. Blessings Always Dear Sister for always sharing Spurgeons love of the Lord.

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