I Am the Rose, and I Am the Lily

I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. – Song of Songs 2:1

Bring me which rose you please, and I will tell you that it smells sweet; bring which lily you choose, and I will say, “Yes, that also has a delicate perfume; that will do, with the rose, to serve as an emblem of Christ.” Our Lord Jesus possesses every kind of beauty and fragrance. “He is all my salvation, and all my desire.” All good things meet in Christ; in Him all the lines of beauty are focussed. Blessed are they who truly know Him. Christ is the very essence of the sweetness both of the rose and of the lily. When He says, “I am the rose,” He means, not only that He is like the rose, but that He made all the sweetness there is in the rose, and it is still in Him; and all the sweetness there is in any creature comes to us from Christ, or else it is not sweetness such as we ought to love. I like to look upon the bread I eat as His gift to me, and to bless His providential hand that bestows it. I like to look upon all the landscape on such a fair day as this has been, and to say, “Christ is in all this, giving this charming view to such a poor, unworthy creature as I am.” He is in all there is that is good, He is the goodness of all the good there is. He is the very soul of the universe, whatever there is in the universe that is worthy of our soul’s love. All good for our soul comes from Him, whether it be pardon of sin, or justification, or the sanctification that makes us fit for glory hereafter, Christ is the source of it all; and in the infinite variety of delights that we get from Him, He is Himself the essence of it all. We can become tired of most things, I suppose that we can become tired of everything earthly; but we shall never tire of Christ. I remember one who, when near his death-hour, forgot even his wife, and she was greatly grieved that he did not recognize her. They whispered in his ear the name of his favourite child; but he shook his head. His oldest friend, who had known him from his boyhood, was not recognized. At last they asked him, “Do you know Jesus Christ?” Then he said, “Ah, yes! and I am going to Him.” The ruling passion was strong in death; Christ was nearer and dearer to him than those he loved best here. All Bowers will fade, even roses and lilies among them; but not this blessed Rose of Sharon, and Lily of the valleys. Christ does not say, “I was a rose, and I was a lily;” but “I am the rose, and I am the lily.” He is now all that He ever was, and He will be in life, in death, and throughout all eternity, to the soul that knows Him, an infinite variety of everything that is delightful. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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