Christ is the Choicest of the Choice

I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. – Song of Songs 2:1

You notice, the Bridegroom says, “I am the rose.” Yes, but there were some particularly beautiful roses that grew in the valley of Sharon; “I am that rose,” said He. And there were some delightful lilies in (Israel); it is a land of lilies, there are so many of them that nobody knows which lily Christ meant, and it does not at all signify, for almost all lilies are wondrously beautiful. “But,” said He, “I am the lily of the valleys,” the choicest kind of lily that grew where the soil was fat and damp with the overflow of mountain streams. “I am the lily of the valleys:” that is to say, Christ is not only good, but He is the best; and He is not only the best, but He is the best of the best. He is a flower; ay, but He is a rose, that is the queen of flowers; ay, but then He is the best rose there is, He is the rose of Sharon. He is a Savior, and a great one; yea, the only Savior. He is a Husband; but what a Husband! Was there ever such a Bridegroom as Christ Jesus the Lord? He is the Head; but father Adam was a poor head compared with Him. He is inexpressibly, unutterably, indescribably lovely; I might as well leave off talking about Him, for I cannot hope to set Him forth as He deserves. If you could but see Him, I would leave off, for I am sure I should be only hanging a veil before Him with the choicest words that I could possibly use. Suppose you had a dear son, or husband, or friend, far away, and that I was a painter who could carry pictures in my mind’s eye, and then draw them to the very life. If I stood here, trying to paint your well-beloved friend, laying on my colors with all the skill I possessed, and doing my best to reproduce his features; suppose, while I was at work, that the door at the back was opened, and he came in, I should cry out, “Oh, stop, stop, stop! Let me put away my canvas, let me pack up my brushes and my paints. Here is the loved one himself; look at him! Look at him, not at my portrait of him!” And you would rise from your seat, and say, “It is he! It is he! You may talk as long as you like, dear sir, when he is away; but when he is himself here, your talk seems but mere chatter.” Well, I shall be quite content that you should think so, I shall be even glad if you do, provided that the reason shall be that you can say, “We have seen the Lord. He has manifested Himself to us as He does not unto the world.” “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.” The best of the best, the fairest of the fair, the sweetest of the sweet, is Jesus Christ to you and to me if we are indeed His people. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

5 thoughts on “Christ is the Choicest of the Choice

  1. Another fantastic writing by Spurgeon!…… That proper english is just so beautiful. In your last post it spoke of the fragrance of Cassia, and if you ever want to smell the most beautiful scent ever Cassia is definitely it. I order Cassia anointing oil from and also the Cedars of Lebanon are something so wonderful it lifts the spirit. Gods Grace and Love Always over you Sherry.

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    • They are! He is! \o/ I always am edified when turning Spurgeon’s sermons into daily devotionals but this sermon gave me many a chill bump with praise. Sometimes I worry about redundancy but this time I couldn’t help but be thankful for the repeated messages told in a different way. God is so very good!

      God bless you, precious sister in Christ, amen! \o/

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