The Light of Your Delights

Yea, he is altogether lovely. – Songs 5:16

Do you recollect the first sight you ever had of Jesus? It was on a day when your eyes were red with weeping over sin, and you expected to see the Lord dressed in anger coming forth to destroy you. Oh, it was the happiest sight I ever saw when I beheld my sins rolling into His sepulchre and when looking up I beheld Him my substitute bleeding on the tree. Altogether lovely was He that day. Since then providence has given us a varied experience and taken us to different points of view that we might look at Christ, and see Him under many aspects. We look at statues from several standpoints if we would criticize them. A great many in London are hideous from all points of view-others are very well if you look at them this way, but if you go over yonder and look from another point the artist appears to have utterly failed. Now, beloved, look at Jesus from any point you like, and He is at his best from each and every corner. You have been in prosperity: God multiplied your children and blessed your basket and your store,-was Jesus lovely then? Assuredly He was the light of your delights. Nothing He had given you vied with Himself. He rose in your hearts superior to His own best gifts. But you tell me that you have been very sick, and you have lost one after another of your dear ones; your means have been reduced; you have come down in the world: say, then, is Jesus lovely now? I know that you will reply “Yes, more than ever is Christ delightful in mine eyes.” Well, you have had very happy times, and you have been on the mount of hallowed friendship. The other Sunday morning many of us were up there, and thought like Peter that we should like to stay there for ever; and is not Jesus lovely when He is transfigured and we are with Him? Yes, but at another time you are down in the depths with Jonah, at the bottom of the sea. Is not Christ lovely then? Yes, even there He hears our prayer out of His holy temple, and brings us again from the deep abyss. We shall soon lie dying. Oh, my brethren, what brave talk God’s people have often given us about their Lord when they have been on the edge of the grave! That seems to be a time when the Well-beloved takes the veil off His face altogether and sits by the bedside, and lets His children look into His face, and see Him as He is. I warrant you the saints forget the ghastliness of death when their hearts are ravished with the loveliness of Christ. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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