Up! Brethren, Up!

And at even, when the sun did set, they brought unto Him all that were diseased, and them that were possessed with devils. -_ Mark 1:32

Here they come with every kind of complaint, lepers, and halt, and lame, and withered, and there is the loving Master, moving here and there till He has healed every one of them. The streets of Capernaum rang that night with songs of joy. There was dancing in the street of a new kind, for the lame man was leaping; and the music that accompanied the dancing was of a new kind too, for then did the tongue of the dumb sing, “Glory be to God.” It was out of Peter’s house that all this mercy came…”It cannot be so with my home,” says one. Why not, dear brother? If you are straitened at all, you are not straitened in God; you are straitened in yourself. “But I live in a place,” says one, “where the ministry is lifeless.” The more reason why you should be a blessing to the town. “Oh, but I live where many active Christians are doing a great deal of good.” The more reason why you should be encouraged to do good too. “Oh, but ours is an aristocratic neighborhood.” They want the gospel most of all. How few of the great and mighty are ever saved! “Oh, but ours is such a low neighborhood.” That is just the place where the gospel is likely to meet with a glad reception, for the poor have the gospel preached to them, and they will hear it. You cannot invent an excuse which will hold water for a moment: God can make your house to be the center of blessing to all who dwell around it, if you are willing to have it so…The shadows are lengthening, the day is drawing to a close. Up! brethren, up! If you are to bring jewels to Jesus, if you are to crown His head with many crowns, up, I pray you, and labor for Him while you can.

You cannot keep the grace of God a secret; it will reveal itself. You need not advertise your religion: live it, and other people will talk about it. It is good to speak for Christ whenever you have a fair opportunity, but your life will be the best sermon. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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