The Holy Ghost Teacheth Sovereignly

But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth… – John 16:13

The Holy Ghost teaches sovereignly. He teaches whom He pleases. He takes the fool and makes him know the wonders of the dying love of Christ, to bring aspiring wisdom low and make the pride of man humble and abase itself. And as the Spirit teaches whom He wills, so He teaches when He wills. He has His own hours of instruction, and He will not be limited and bound by us. And then again He teaches as He wills-some by affliction, some by communion; some He teaches by the Word read, some by the Word spoken, some by neither, but directly by His own agency. And so also the Holy Spirit is a sovereign in that He teaches in whatever degree He pleases. He will make one man learn much, while another comprehends but little. Some Christians wear their beards early-they come to a rapid and high degree of maturity, and that on a sudden, while others creep but slowly to the goal and are very long in reaching it. Some Christians in early years understand more than others whose hairs have turned grey. The Holy Ghost is a sovereign. He does not have all His pupils in one class, and them all the same lesson by simultaneous instruction; but each man is in a separate class, each man learning a separate lesson. Some beginning at the end of the book, some at the beginning, and some in the middle-some learning one doctrine and some another, some going backwards and some forwards. The Holy Spirit teacheth sovereignly, and giveth to every man according as He wills, but then, wherever He teaches at all, He teaches effectually. He has never failed to make us learn yet…We instruct the ear, and the ear is far removed from the heart; He teaches the heart itself, and therefore His every word falleth upon good soil, and bringeth forth good and abundant fruit-He teaches effectually…Put thyself daily under His teaching, and thou shalt never learn a word amiss, nor a thought awry, but become infallibly taught, well taught in the whole truth as it is in Jesus.~ C.H. Spurgeon

7 thoughts on “The Holy Ghost Teacheth Sovereignly

  1. Praise God for this wonderful gift of His Holy Spirit, which guides and directs us in His will!!!! We are never the same when we are born again by His Spirit. God Bless your day!

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    • Halleluia! \o/

      I have the privilege to witness to a person who says that he was born again as a child but grew up finding that God was a fable. I told him, You were never born again of the Holy Spirit if you believe that. He said belief in God is brainwashing (wow, “they” always say that!) but I told him that he has never experienced the rebirth so he cannot speak of it. I told him that his day was coming the 1st of next month then proceeded to tell him how to be a born again believer. I pray he repents and believes and asks our Father for the spiritual birth of the Holy Spirit so he would be saved. May he not be a fool on April Fool’s day! Amen and amen! \o/ Pray for him, Julie, please. Thanks!

      Have a blessed day in the Lord today, Amen! \o/

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      • Oh Sherry how true what you say…. I hear the same thing from others who say things like “Well that is how you believe”, Or “You have no proof for your belief” Praise God for the written word that is truly our saving grace which causes us to suffer fools gladly@. Blessings upon you Sherry! Stay strong.

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