In the Court of King’s Bench Above

And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen. – Romans 16:20

Satan is always rising in judgment against us. Whenever we get into a little trouble, he comes and says, “You are no saint.” If we commit a sin-“You should not sin like that, if you had been a child of God; you have no interest in the covenant; you are an enthusiast, you have deceived yourself.” How many times Satan has risen against me in judgment-so risen that I have been fool enough to heed what he said. I have told him sometimes, “You are a liar, and the father of lies;” but at other times I have believed his malicious accusation. O, it is no easy thing to stand against the insinuations of the evil one. You, my brethren, are not strangers to his devices. He has set conscience at you, the hell-hounds of legal convictions howled upon you, and the drum of terrible doom thundered in you ears; then up stood the fiend himself and denied your union with Jesus, claiming you as his own prey and portion. Ah, how glorious the moment when our Advocate entered the forum of conscience, and assured us that He had pleaded our cause in the court of King’s Bench above. And, oh, when He showed us the adversary’s brief, spoiled by the nails of the cross, we felt that the tongue of Satan was condemned, and his calumnies hushed. Glorious Councillor, all praise to Thine adorable name.

Let the saints know also that they shall soon have a yet more public triumph over their cruel enemy. At the day of judgment, the foe of God and man shall be dragged from his cell, shall lift his brazen front with thunder scarred, receive his sentence, and begin a hell more terrible than all he has endured before. O saint, dost thou know that thou shalt judge him? Know you not that you shall judge angels? You, sons of God, shall sit as assessors with the firstborn Son, and when He shall pronounce the doom of the dragon, you shall solemnly say “Amen” to the sentence. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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