The Believer’s Comfort

The believer’s comfort under his afflictions is this-

“I shall not die, but live.” – Psalm 118:18

Forecasts of good from the Lord may come to those who are sore sick; and when they do, they help them to recover. We are of good courage when an inward confidence enables us to say, “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”

When a believer is in trouble he derives great comfort from his reliance upon the compassion of God. The Lord scourges His sons, but He does not slay them. The believer says, “My Father may make me smart with the blow of a cruel one; but He will do me no real harm, nor allow anyone else to injure me. He will not lay upon me more than is right, nor above what I am able to bear. He will stay His hand when He sees that I have no strength left. Moreover, I know that even when He brings me very low, still underneath me are the everlasting arms. If the Lord kills, it is to make alive: if He wound, it is that He may heal. I am sure of that.” O believer, never let anything drive you away from this confidence, for it has sure truth for its foundation! The Lord is good, and His mercy endureth forever. It is not killing, but curing, that God means when He takes the sharp lancet in His hand. The nauseous medicine, which makes the heart sick, works the cure of a worse sickness. “His compassions fail not.” He may often put His hand into the bitter box, but He has sweet cordials ready to take the taste away. For a small moment has He forsaken us, but with great mercies will He return to us. You have an effectual comfort if your faith can keep its hold upon the blessed fact of the Lord’s fatherly compassion. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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