Who Is the Landlord?

Thus saith the LORD, Set thine house in order: for thou shalt die, and not live. – Isaiah 38:1

This mortal life and its surroundings are likened to a house and the first point of the similitude will be seen if we inquire, WHO IS THE LANDLORD? The first answer is that certainly we are not. To all men, it may be truthfully said, “Ye are not your own.” We are tenants, but not freeholders. We are mere tenants at will without a lease. The earthly house of this tabernacle belongs to Him who built it. He who sustains it keeps the title deed in His own possession. Our house belongs to God. Dear friend, do you ever think of this? Do you remember, as a matter of fact, that you and yours are God’s property? He created you and created you for His own glory. Your soul was spoken into existence by Him. Your bodily powers were all bestowed by His hand. You are the creature of the Almighty. In every vein, sinew, and nerve of your body, there are traces of the Divine Embroiderer’s skill. You are God’s in all the most secret goings and issues of your life, for to Him you owe every day the continued possession of your existence… Day by day you are a commoner at the table of divine bounty, a pensioner, hour by hour, upon the infinite mercy of God. You have nothing and are nothing but as God pleases. You owe all you have and all you are to Him. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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