If Children, then Heirs

And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ… – Romans 8:17

The highest privileges of the covenant of grace are not the monopoly of advanced saints, they are the common property of all believers. A habit is growing up of saying, “Such and such a man is a saint”; and then you set him up in a niche after the fashion of Rome. Are not you also a saint? You will never enter heaven unless you are. If you are a saint, why not take a saint’s inheritance? “Oh, but certain chosen ones are the Lord’s favourites!” What! Has He not also chosen you, and favoured you? Else it will go hard with you. Well, then, being yourselves favoured and chosen, why do you not take hold upon the glorious estate which belongs to the chosen family. No part of Scripture is of private interpretation: no bit of the promised country may be hedged in as the peculiar portion of a few; for it all belongs to all the redeemed if they have but faith to make it their own. Do not hedge about the word spoken of the Lord, and say, “Ah! He said that to Jacob.” Doth not the Lord tell us by His servant Hosea that “he found Him in Bethel, and there He spake with us”? Although choice words were first of all spoken to this man or that, yet were they spoken for all believing people throughout all time. In the holy heritage all who have Christ have all that Christ brings with Him… Come, brethren, bestir yourselves, and claim your heirship. Take possession of the whole territory of grace which the Lord has dedicated to your use. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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