The Debt is Paid

For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more. -Hebrews 8:12

Oh! how sweet it is to reflect upon the great and wonderous works which Christ hath done, whereby He hath become “the High Priest of our profession,” able to save us! It is pleasant to look back to Calvary’s hill, and to behold that bleeding form expiring on the tree; it is sweet, amazingly sweet, to pry with eyes of love between those thick olives, and hear the groanings of the Man who sweat great drops of blood. Sinner, if thou askest me how Christ can save thee, I tell thee this: He can save thee, because He did not save Himself; He can save thee, because He took thy guilt and endured thy punishment. There is no way of salvation apart from the satisfaction of divine justice. Either the sinner must die, or else some one must die for him. Sinner, Christ can save thee, because, if thou comest to God by Him, then He died for thee. God has a debt against us, and He never remits that debt; He will have it paid. Christ pays it, and then the poor sinner goes free.

“O My Father! forgive____!” Why, He mentioned your own name! “O My Father, forgive him; he knew not what he did. It is true he sinned against light, and knowledge, and warnings; sinned wilfully and woefully; but, Father, forgive him!” Penitent, if thou canst listen, thou wilt hear Him praying for thee. And that is why He is able to save.~ C.H. Spurgeon

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