He Speaks It and He Does It

God hath spoken in His holiness… – Psalm 108:7

Why is it that you are able to confide in God’s Word? Surely, it is because you know that, for God to speak, is for Him to do as He hath said. By His Word, He made the heavens and the earth; and it is by His Word that the heavens and the earth continue as they are to this day…Very often, man talks about something that he says he will do, but when he has talked about it, there is an end of the matter so far as he is concerned. Man hath spoken; oh, yes! but you can never be sure that with the talking tongue will go the working hand. He who is quick to promise is not always so prompt to perform. We have many proverbs which remind us that men set light by one another’s promises, and well they may; but we must never set light by the promises of God. “He spake, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.” So, beloved brother, if there is a promise of God to help you in a time of trouble, or to preserve you in the hour of temptation, or to deliver you out of trial, or to give you grace according to your day, that promise is as good as if it had been already performed, since God’s Word shall certainly be followed by the fulfillment of it in due season. I beseech you, then, as you read the promise, to say to yourself, “It is done as God hath said.” If any man of means, with whom you do business, gives you his cheque for the amount he owes you, do you not say that he has paid you? Yet he has not handed to you even a penny in cash; no notes or gold and silver coins have passed between you; but you rightly say that he has paid you because his signature on the cheque is as good as money; and is not God’s Word as good as man’s? Ay, that it is, and far better! Then, so regard it; oh, for faith to do so at this very moment! ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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